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I build websites for professional individuals and organisations with simple, elegant design, and professional quality images.

I expect that, as a professional, you want a website that is contemporary without being gimmicky; a design that is elegant and easy to use. It should have a responsive design which looks great on mobile as well as a big screen.

Personal, professional-quality photographs elevate a website above the generic looking sites your peers and competitors might have - which use the same stock photos. Have you noticed that all their “doctors” appear to wear white coats and look at printed X-ray films? We know that doesn't represent reality so I can come and take photographs of you, for your website.

Would you prefer to deal with someone who already understands your work, rather than try and explain it to someone who doesn't? My background is a medical practitioner who has also been designing websites since I was eleven.


A few examples of my work to date

screenshot of Grassendale Medical Practice's website

Grassendale Medical Practice

This replaced a terribly dated and difficult to navigate site, in keeping with most NHS GP websites! Now fully responsive for mobile, the most important info for patients - contact details and opening times - are right there, along with a map and live Twitter feed. All custom photos, no stock images used.

screenshot of Jersey Anaesthesia's website

Jersey Anaesthesia Group

The Jersey Anaesthesia Group is the sole provider of anaesthesia services on Jersey. They needed a web presence to introduce their team and services, but also a way of informing patients of fees. Their site allows search by operation code or procedure name, then returns a custom generated page with the fee information - all generated from a spreadsheet they provided. Of course, this works on mobile just as well as desktop

screenshot of Mr Machin's website

Mr David Machin

Mr Machin is a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, he wanted a website as a resource for his NHS and private patients, with a clean and easy to navigate design. We shot a series of environmental portraits for his photographs. This site has the facility for Mr Machin to log in and create new patient information pages through an easy to use interface - he simply enters the information and any images, and it creates a new page in the same style as the others that I have created.

screenshot of St Bridget's Pre-school website

St Bridget's Pre-school

The local pre-school needed a new website - the old one had been generated many years ago using the free software on the manager's old Macbook. With the parents' consent I was able to go in and take some lovely pictures of the children enjoying themselves. It has an embedded live calendar for parents which the manager can update at any time from her phone.

screenshot of website

Mr Marc Lucky

Mr Lucky is a Consultant Urological and Andrological Surgeon offering highly specialised surgical procedures. He wanted to make it easier for patients in the north of England to find him, so there is a fairly simple long-scroller homepage with a couple of more detailed pages for his most popular procedure and for his research and publications.

screenshot of Hope Farm Medical Centre website

Ms Parneet Gill

Ms Gill is plastic surgeon offering a specialist skin cancer surgery technique called Mohs surgery, along with LASER procedures not often available in the private sector. We held a photoshoot at her private rooms to obtain bespoke photography for her site.



I offer an expert opinion from the point of view of the generalist.

I have three years and over 350 completed reports of experience, specialising in personal injury assessments and reporting.

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